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Deanna J. Dell & Associates, LLC

Assisting Others Achieve Outstanding Results

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Deanna J. Dell & Associates, LLC specializes in: 
  • Ambulatory Health Care Facility and Process Design
  • Organizational Assessments/Strategic Planning & Negotiations
  • Customer Relationships

Let Deanna J. Dell and Associates, LLC bring the passion for your project while assisting you by navigating the complexities of our health care environment to position you for ultimate success.


Our success is measured on the basis of our effectiveness in assisting others achieve outstanding results

 Company Profile


With over 30 years experience in health care, from bedside nursing to day to day management of hospital operations, Deanna J. Dell has consistently been driven by a passion for excellence in the delivery of health care services. Deanna J. Dell and Associates, LLC was founded as a mechanism to assist physicians and organizations in the establishment of highly effective, efficient, patient-centered services.

Cognizant of the increasing migration of patients from inpatient to outpatient, cost pressures within the health care system and physician struggles, the company specializes in offering physicians comprehensive assistance in the planning, development, certification, licensure, and accreditation of outpatient surgical centers.

Also realizing that today’s complex environment requires highly skilled specialists, Deanna J. Dell has surrounded her company with a network of outstanding resources to assist her clients in: 

*Maximizing reimbursement, present and future, 

*Minimizing costs, present capital and future operational

*Maximizing flexibility for physicians and patients 

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Deanna J. Dell & Associates, LLC

Phone: 410-840-2450

Fax: 410-840-2451

1250 Beggs Rd

Westminster, MD 21157