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Constant State of Accreditation Readiness

Accreditation survey processes with different surveyors and clients have shown that we need to be involved on a regular basis for at least a year (longer if agreed upon) if we are to effectively meet your needs and ours.


  • When you contract with us you will receive
  • Quarterly assessments
  • Updates on regulatory changes and mandates
  • Ongoing evaluation and revision guidance with policies/procedures
  • Assessment of documentation practices
  • Availability to answer questions/address specific issues
  • One year pilot to be evaluated at the end of four quarters
  • Ability to terminate at any time if services are not beneficial


    Our goal is for your business to be in a constant state of accreditation readiness.  We would like all of our clients to be leaders in both clinical and business practices exceeding industry norms for quality, employee and patient satisfaction.